About Us

Kandeel Group for Real Estate Development – as a SAE company that is not issued in the stock market yet- is one of the companies; that abides a real tangible approach of investment in the field of real estate development.
We depend on “uniqueness” as the core of our development vision while taking into consideration the following factors:
– Having a wise management that totally believe in uniqueness as the only way to success.
– Having a highly qualified co-operative team.
– Commitment, Clarity, and Truth are the main substance channels while dealing with the clients.
We start working regarding a specific framework that’s mainly depends on certain principles and values that we are committed to follow them. However, this flame our whole vision to provide an outcome that suits the customers’ needs, vision, and his capacity regarding the number of projects that will be established in New Cairo and Al-Shorouk City. As these areas have quietness and the healthy environment away from the overcrowded population.
That’s why we designed our online website and provide it with our database -concerning our previous projects- to ease the path for our clients to reach what they need.


To reach uniqueness and success through:
– Accurate plans.
– Having a good reputation among the clients.
– Contacting with the clients and be sure of the “follow up” process.
– To have an eye on the training process and the human development part.


– To deliver a unique perfect housing for our clients –in and outside Egypt.
– To have a total qualified team that is featured by commitment and sufficiency.
– Develop the concept of real estate investment through accuracy, excellence, and commitment.